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Good afternoon, Dr. Gao, Congratulations on another phenomenal conference! It gets better and better each year. Today, I spoke with Mr. Garvis Sams of the law firm Sams, Larkin, Huff, & Balli about the conference and the real estate opportunities that are in store for metro Atlanta in the coming years. Mr. Sams is the lead partner in the real estate law firm and was intrigued by my explanation of SAUPO, its attendees, and the unlimited potential for expanded business. Have a wonderful evening and, again, congratulations on an outstanding conference.
Inger Eberhart, Commission Assistant to Commissioner Birrell, District 3, Cobb County Government, Georgia

Dear May, I hope you are recovering from all the hard work you did to make this meeting such a success. It was very impressive, and everybody seemed really excited to be a part of it. My family and I really enjoyed it as well. Congratulations!
Robbie Lieberman, Professor and Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Dr. Gao, Congratulations on another successful conference. You have raised the bar to another level. Your hardworking and dedication are reflected by another successful conference. The Chinese and CAFL delegation are a hit with attendees. It will be hard for you to top that next time! Let’s plan to meet for lunch when you have settled down.
Li Wong, Publisher and CEO, Georgia Asian Times

Congratulations on another successful SAUPO. Jen was there representing us. She mentioned that the regional branding discussion was very interesting. Good activity in SAUPO WeChat as well.
Jorge Fernandez, VP Global Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Ms. May, hope you had a happy and restful Easter weekend. Thank you for allowing Delta to participate in the SAUPO conference with an in-kind sponsorship. It was a well-organized event and I had a good time there.
Rebecca D. Keng, Delta Air Lines

May, Another outstanding event, congratulations!
C.N. (Madhu) Madhusudan, CEO, VectorSpan Inc.

It was a great event and I was honored to be on the panel with you all. Hope you had a great weekend.
Betsy Bulat Turner, Martenson Hasbrouck & Simon LLP

May, I wanted to thank you personally for the wonderful (as usual) SAUPO conference. Jim McGee always told how good they were, and I had to see it for the first time. A great mix of speakers and networking and all done wonderfully well.
I look forward to next year, if Jim allows me to come. I literally have a half-day of work for initial follow up of all the conversations I had there and some possible business prospects… and already working it. Many, many thanks.
Donald Morrissey, Congressional Affairs, Huawei Technologies USA

Dear May, Thank you for including me in the SAUPO conference. It was interesting, informative and fun and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. We look forward to getting together again soon. Have a wonderful Easter and week ahead.
John Bevilaqua, CEO, Creative Marketing

Dear all, Great fun to work with you at SAUPO! See you all around in the near future.
Lucy Lu, Global Managing Partner, Lucy Lu & Associates.

All, I enjoyed much on the panel with you this afternoon at SAUPO. We worked seamlessly without rehearsal. I hope we will cross path in China-US space in the near future.
Sandy Chu, Principal & National Leader, China Business Group, Grant Thornton

Thank you Dr. Gao, you did a wonderful job. It was even better than last year!
Catherine Garces, Senior Sales Executive, FlyEmirates

May, Wonderful SAUPO today! I hope you can rest and enjoy the weekend...thank you for all you do.
Kathy S. Schwaig, Dean, Dinos Eminent Scholar, Professor of Information Systems, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

Kat, thanks for the SAUPO invite today. Great seeing you! Lots of learning, wonderful conversation, and just plain ole good friendship. Dr. Gao and staff should be complimented. Please tell her how impressed I was. I will definitely convey my thoughts to President Olens. Also, I couldn't help but notice the food was superb. Thanks for your friendship.
Lee Rhyant, Former Lockheed Martin Executive, Member in the Advisory Board for KSU Coles College of Business

Your work has been impressive, and all of you are great people!
Mr. Scott Williams, Chair & Co-Founder, InvestUSA Committee in China; CEO, BMD Enterprises Ltd.

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