Kennesaw State University Symposium on ASIA-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO)


Inaugurated in 2011, SAUPO has become the largest Asia business conference in U.S.. SAUPO enjoys a growing influence in strengthening investment and relationship between Asia and the U.S., for that we received recognition from The White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), Georgia Asian Times, Asian American Heritage Foundation, and Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. 

As an interdisciplinary conference SAUPO will present a global platform of five-way dialogue among business leaders, scholars, diplomats, government officials, and non-profit practitioners. Previous SAUPO conferences and workshops have demonstrated resounding success with outstanding attendees worldwide.

SAUPO Leadership Team

SAUPO Chair & Founder:
Dr. May H. Gao, Prof. of Communication & Asian Studies
- Dr. May Gao publication on M&A

SAUPO Executive Vice Chair:
Dr. Heeman Kim, Asso. Prof. of Communication, Asian Studies Coordinator

SAUPO Vice Chairs:
Dr. Shelbee NguyenVoges, Asso. Prof. of Edu.
Dr. Douglas Moodie, Professor of Management

SAUPO Assistant Vice Chair:
Dr. Yusun Chang, Asso. Prof. of E. Engineering

SAUPO Director of Registration:
Ms. Hyun Chu Kim, Asso. Prof. of Library Science